mother earth

The beginning is the most important part of the tour
Shall we start?

Burrata injected in pesto.
With pink tomato tartare.
14 Dairy Nuts

Lettuce mix.
Goat cheese, orange blossom honey, dried fruits and reduction of Rioja and blueberries.
12 Dairy Nuts Peanuts Sulfur Dioxide / Sulphites

Tuscan salad.
Mixed lettuce, cherry tomato, gorgonzola cheese, fried onion, crispy bacon and grilled chicken, dressed with oregano vinaigrette and toasted sesame.
12 Dairy Gluten Sulfur Dioxide / Sulphites Sesame

NEW. Traditional salmorejo.
With Parmesan flakes and crispy fried corn
12 Gluten Dairy

by the branches

Duck cannelloni.
A variant of the traditional cannelloni made with duck confit.
16 Gluten Dairy Eggs Sulfur Dioxide / Sulphites

Japanese octopus salad.
With potato, octopus, tuna and a creamy Japanese Kimchi and Teriyaki mayonnaise.
13 Gluten Soy Molluscs Egg Sulfur Dioxide / Sulphites

NEW. Prawn pops.
Battered in panko and kimchinesa, on a bamboo leaf.
13 Gluten Egg Crustaceans

NEW. Cadiz tacos.
Cadiz taco with red tuna tartar in Korean emulsion and avocado.
15/3units +5/pc. extra. Gluten Crustaceans Mustard Soy Molluscs Fish Sulfites / Sulfur dioxide

NEW. Fake risotto.
Squid in ink with garlic and grana padano mayonnaise.
16 Dairy Crustaceans Molluscs Fish Celery

Biloba with shrimp.
Potato parmentier with shrimps, boletus and egg at low temperature.
14 Egg Dairy Molluscs Sulfur Dioxide / Sulphites Crustaceans

Moorish pastry.
14 Gluten Nuts Egg

NEW. Chicken curry.
With a special massaman curry sauce with Thai rice.
14 Gluten Sesame Soy

Magret of duck in wok.
With roasted sweet potato and PX.
22 Sulfur Dioxide / Sulphites

Ham croquette.
Crispy and with a veil of Iberian ham.
13 Gluten Egg Dairy

NEW. Spinach croquettes.
With Parmesan cheese and gorgonzola cream.
13 Gluten Egg Dairy

sauteed mushrooms
On potato parmentier, low-temperature egg, ham and fresh seasonal truffle
15 Dairy Egg

Ines Rosales cake.
Guacamole, pico de Gallo, yuzu salmon and mango.
11 Gluten Sesame Fish
Tuna tartare.
Macerated in soy with nuts and mango in syrup.
19 Gluten Fish Soy Nuts
Salmon Tartar.
Kimchi, avocado and coconut sauce.
17 Gluten Fish Soy Mustard Sulfur Dioxide / Sulphites Molluscs

Assortment of Montefrío cheeses.
18 Gluten Free Dairy Nuts

Iberian ham cut by knife.


We bet for the autochthonous thanks to our pajuna beef raised in the pastures of Sierra Nevada.


Beef tenderloin 250gr.

T Bone.
6.5/100gr (according to weight)
Old cow tataki.
Marrow and Demi-glace mayonnaise and black truffle cream.
16 Dairy Egg

Veal entraña 350gr.


Baked teriyaki salmon.
Accompanied by chao fan rice.
15 Gluten Fish Soy


Grilled vegetables.
Second season.

between crusts

We select the best meats and breads to elaborate our products.

NEW. Burger.
50% pork meat aged 30 days, 50% dry aged pajuna aged 50 days, Dutch cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato and brioche bread. Served with seasoned Louisiana (Cajun) potato dippers.
16 Gluten Dairy

Pulled pork pretzel.
American hot dog with pretzel bread, stuffed with pulled pork, smoked cheddar, fried onion and chopped chives.
14 Gluten Dairy Mustard Sesame Soybean Sulfur Dioxide / Sulphites
Beef burrito.
With spicy.
14 Gluten Dairy Sulfur Dioxide / Sulphites
[ Bread service. 1.30/pax Gluten Nuts Egg Sesame ]
[ Corn cakes. 1.50 ]
[ Don Pelayo natural crystal scold. 1.20 Dairy Gluten Sesame ]

sweet sap

There is always room for our sweet emotions.

Tiramisu cream of white chocolate
With strawberry chutney and cookie crisp


Sulfur Dioxide / Sulfites

NEW. Jungly Cheesecake
Our version of cheesecake, with Nestlé Jungly chocolate
7 Gluten Dairy


Chocolate bell
Recommended for 2 persons


Smoked in cinnamon and citrus with tropical fruit syrup and salted caramel ice cream


Sulfur dioxide / Sulfites


Lemon cream
Yogurt, mint and cookie
6 Gluten Free Dairy Eggs



Glass of beer. 2,70
Large glass of beer. 3,20
Alhambra special. 2,80
Alhambra without. 2,80
Alhambra 1925. 3,50
Red Alhambra. 3,50
Mahou gluten-free beer. 2,8


Villas del tur 0,33l. 2
Villas del tur 0,75l. 3
Aquabona con gas. 2,30

Cold drinks

Coca-Cola: light, zero, zerozero. 2,60
Fanta: orange, lemon. 2,60
Nestea, Aquarius. 2,80
apple thief 2,80
Summer wine. 2,70



Red Wines

(glass price / bottle price)


Paco García. 3,80 / 20
Beronia Edición Limitada. 3,80 / 22
La Montesa. / 22
Baigorri. / 20

Ribera del Duero

Sembro. 3,80 / 20
Finca Resalso. 3,80 / 20
López Cristobal. / 20
Pago de los Capellanes. / 35

White Wines


Bascarlón. 2,90 / 15


Maestrante. 2,70 / 14


Bicos. 2,80 / 14

Blanquito. 2,80 / 14

Wines of the Earth

Diez días de marzo. / 18
Zimbra. / 20


Yllera 5.5. 3,50 / 15


Pedro Ximénez. 3
Marqués de Cáceres Rosado. 2,80 / 13,50



Regular cup. 6
Premium cup. 7
Super premium cup. 8



Traditional Cuban Mojito. Mint, lime, lemon, white rum and soda. 5,5
Mojito. Mint, lime, lemon, toasted rum, sprite, angostura. 5,5
Margarita Frozen. Lemon, tequila, triple dry. 5,5
Pina Colada. Pineapple, white rum, coconut shake. 5,5
Caipirinha. Lime, lemon, cachaça. 5,5
Black Caipiroska. Lime, lemon, black vodka. 5,5
Strawberry Daiquiri Frozen. Lemon, strawberries, white rum. 5,5


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